EaseUS BitWiper - Reliable Data Destruction Software for Windows

EaseUS BitWiper

  • A secure tool to remove sensitive data from your Windows hard drive.
  • Permanently wipe files, an entire disk or a separate partition.
  • Save time with this high-speed data destruction software.
  • Provide Government-standard for wiping devices.
  • Erase mutiple disks or partitions simultaneously.

DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard

Your Privacy Comes First

Before selling, donating, or recycling your outdated laptop, please remember to wipe data for protecting your privacy.

Wipe Hard Drive

Wipe non-system disk in one click, including all HDD or SSD partitions.

Wipe Files

Wipe business data, important documents, and personal information, making it unrecoverable.

Wipe Partition/Volume

Wipe specific data volume or non-system volume.

Wipe External Drives

Wipe USB flash drives, memory sticks, micro SD cards or TF cards, etc.

Wipe System Drive

Wipe C drive, or system partition without bootable CD.

Wipe Free Space

Keeps system intact and erase sensitive data.


Flexible Data Erasing Mode

When you delete files and even empty the Recycle Bin on the computer, you don't erase the information. It is because you've just deleted the reference to it, and the operating system marked it as inaccessible. However, all the deleted data is still there. So unless you overwrite the device, you can still restore the content via file recovery software. So be careful when you are about to permanently remove files, including personal detailsbank account detailscredit card and numberscorrespondence, etc. EaseUS Bitwiper is here to help with flexible data erasing modes.

Erase private information and confidential files, making them unrecoverable.


Forcibly shred files that cannot be deleted.


Permanently wipe recoverable content in free inspace on HDDs/SSDs.


Gone Means Gone!

Once this software has done it's job, no Data Recovery software can recover the data. This is why the military use it.

1 Month License

Expires in 1 Month


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1 Year License

1 Year Free Upgrades


  • Tech support: phone, email, and chat


Lifetime License

Free Upgrades


  • Tech support: phone, email, and chat


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