How to Partition A Hard Drive in Windows 10

What's Disk Partition in Windows 10?

Windows users, who purchased a new Windows 10 computer/laptop or installed a new HDD/SSD in the Windows 10 computer, should be very familiar with the number of local disks under This PC in Windows Explorer. Usually, there is only one partition labelled as Local Disk (C:) on a hard drive which is made by the computer manufacturer. However, we know very clearly that it's far from enough to have only one partition for running the operating system, installing programs, or saving personal data. The truth is, every user can divide one hard drive into two, three, or even more. As for most people, they want to partition a hard drive in two scenarios.

How to with EaseUS Partition Master

Compared with the built in Windows 10 partition utility, a reliable third-party partition management software is more intelligent in managing hard drive partitions. EaseUS Partition Master is exactly the safe, powerful and user-friendly partition manager for home users. This piece of software enables you to partition Windows 10 without a hitch. It has a graphical user interface and a visual mode of partition size information, which is for people to decide how much space they're going to allot to each partition. 


Step 1: Download & Install and launch EaseUS Partition Master

On the main window, right-click on the partition that you want to shrink and select "Resize/Move".

Split a partition - Step 1


Step 2: Shrink the partition size

To shrink a partition, use your mouse to drag one of its ends to shrink partition space.

Split a partition - Step 2

You can also adjust the partition size box to shrink the target partition.
Click "OK" to continue.

Split a partition - Step 2


Step 3: Create a new partition

Right-click on the unallocated space you get by shrinking your partition and select "Create".

Split a partition - Step 3


Step 4: Adjust the new partition size, file system, label, etc.

Set the size, partition label, drive letter, file system, etc. for the new partition and click "OK" to continue.

Split a partition - Step 4

Step 5: Apply the changes

Click on the "Execute Operation" button, check the changes, then click "Apply" to start shrinking a partition and creating a new one with the free space. By doing so, you can successfully split a partition.