Protect Your Home Data

Losing data is very discouraging. To protect data, regular backup makes sense. EaseUS Todo Backup is a reliable data backup software for home users, backing up and restoring files fast on a Windows and Mac-based computer.


Smart Backup

EaseUS believes that you will never try to back up until it's just as easy as a few clicks away. Smart backup does it. Just choose your files/folders, save the backup task, and know you are protected. No extra steps required.

Flexible Cloud Backup

Easy & Automatic
Instantly start an account and have your files automatically backed up.
Backup & Archive
Save all of your important files to cloud.
Save & Smart
have an off-site copy of your data available without having to manage a separate backup plan.
Low Cost
We can provide a safe low cost cloud backup plan.
Our Best Deal!
Our special buy 1 get 1 free offer, valid until 15th of February. We also have the same offer for Partition Master.
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Disk Cloning Features

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD
Copy your system drive to an SSD/HDD, or clone your HDD to an SSD without reinstalling Windows, migrate and set the system to boot from the cloned drive.
Create a Portable USB
Clone your system to a removable storage media, install your Windows system on a USB drive, and use your system wherever you go.